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stain removal carpet cleaner edinburgh

Stain Removal & Carpet Cleaning Edinburgh

Stain Removal & Carpet Cleaning Edinburgh. We can never guarantee removal of a stain, especially if we don’t know what the stain is. The best any Qualified & Accredited Professional can do is follow the correct process using the correct […]

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carpet cleaner edinburgh

Carpet Cleaner in Edinburgh

Carpet Cleaner in Edinburgh. Dedication to Perfection. Final exam out of a total of 11 stages for the WoolSafe Organisation. Despite passing on my first attempt, I retook it to get 100%. Contact Now For A Free Consultation & Quote.

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Carpet Cleaner Edinburgh

Professional Carpet Cleaning Edinburgh

Professional Carpet Cleaning Edinburgh. There’s so much more to consider than just the initial surface appearance after a carpet clean for the cheapest price. Contact Now For A Free Consultation & Quote.

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Edinburgh Sofa Clean

Upholstery Cleaning Edinburgh

Upholstery Cleaning Edinburgh. I estimated approximately 3 hours to clean this 3 piece suite, but took well over 4 hours trying to correct a previous “cleaners” work. Beware & Check credentials when hiring. Contact Now For A Free Consultation & […]

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carpet cleaner edinburgh

Staircase Carpet Cleaning Edinburgh

Staircase Carpet Cleaning Edinburgh. In many homes it’ll be your hall & staircase carpet that will take the brunt of foot traffic. On average it’s usually your first five or six steps on a carpeted area that removes the dirt […]

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play carpet cleaning video

Carpet Cleaning in Edinburgh

Carpet Cleaning In Edinburgh. When the landlord of this property called about having the carpets cleaned, he was so upset by the state the tenants had left the carpets, he couldn’t even bring himself to show his wife how […]

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Blood in Carpet

Blood Stain Removal Edinburgh

Blood Stain Removal Edinburgh. Contact Now For A Free Consultation & Quote. We have an excellent reputation for cleaning carpets in Edinburgh and the surrounding areas and with stain removal we’re second to none, so far we can boast a […]

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Slime Removal

Carpet Cleaners in Edinburgh

Slime in Carpet. Are your children still getting slime in to your carpets? For Professional Carpet Cleaners in Edinburgh & surrounding areas Contact Us Now For A Free Consultation & Quote.

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Hotel Carpet Cleaning

Edinburgh Carpet Cleaner

Edinburgh Carpet Cleaner. Hotel lobby carpet cleaned & dried, allowing minimal down time to their business. Contact Now For A Free Consultation & Quote.

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