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The Fresh New Start Package

Buying, Selling or Renting Your Home? Add Carpet Cleaning & Carpet Repair to Your To-Do Checklist

Get the best price when selling or renting your property by showing cleaner, brighter & fresher smelling carpets. Our trusted expertise is on hand help you.

You’ll want to know the carpets are beautifully clean, fresh & free from germs & odour in your new home when you’re moving in.

Carpet Cleaning In Your Current Home

It could stop a potential buyer or renter at the front door if they were to see a stained, soiled or dreary tarnished looking carpet. Just before you put your house on the market, having a professional carpet cleaning is a great way to ensure you’ve made a great first impression without having to go though all the hassle & expense of replacing the carpets throughout your home. If you’re wanting your home to feel & smell as fresh & inviting as you want it to, a deep thorough professional carpet clean is a great way to ensure this. Over time our noses become adapted to our surrounding environment as we are living in our own homes & because we’re used to them, we have become smell blind to our own odours. Every home has an odour, not that it’s a bother us, but because we are in there all of the time, we’ve become accustomed to the smells around us,  but it’s there & I guarantee your prospective buyer or renter will notice.

Carpet Cleaning in Your New Home

As you will know, it can be a overwhelming & stressful time for all parties involved when you’re moving into your new home. Booking a removal company, hoping nothing gets broken, dealing with solicitors & signing contracts. The last thing you want to be worrying about is the cleanliness of your new home whilst you have so much to handle during this time. You just can’t ever be sure of how well the previous occupants maintained the hygiene of the carpets during their time there, regardless of how clean the home appeared to look while you were viewing it. Only with a deep thorough professional carpet clean can you be sure the carpets are free from any germs & odours as well as being thoroughly sanitised & dirt free.

Key Benefits


  • Before Viewings you’ll have Brighter, Fresher & Cleaner Carpets to show.
  • A Fresh Smell after Removal of Odours.
  • Most Unsightly Stubborn Stains Removed.
  • DISCOUNTED rate when cleaning all carpets in property whilst the property is still empty of furniture before or after moving in or out.

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The Fresh New Start Package

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