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Welcome Baby Home

Knowing your baby is enjoying a safer, healthier, cleaner environment.

Thoroughly remove all the nasty bugs, dirt & allergens from your carpets with our child & pet safe formula plus to help prevent damage from those inevitable little accidents we’ll apply a protective shield treatment.

What’s Included?

As part of the Welcome New Baby Home Package we will:

Baby’s room carpet & your Living Room carpet will be thoroughly sanitised, to kill MRSA & other nasty little bugs using one of our industries award winning products tested & approved with the NHS, as that’s where you’ll be spending a lot of time together.

Both carpets are thoroughly deep cleaned, including those nasty little bugs & allergens we’ll remove as much of the bonded soil, dirt, grit & stains as is possible.

Apply a protective shield treatment for anti Staining & Soiling  to both carpets. When those inevitable little accidents happen this will allow you to remove them immediately yourself.

Inspect the carpets with you to ensure you’re absolutely happy.

After packing away cleaning equipment. Provide aftercare information on how best to allow your items to finish drying as quickly as possible & how to keep them looking their best for as long as possible.

The Ultimate Peace Of Mind

While we’re there cleaning their carpets many of our clients also choose to treat their suite or the ‘nursing chair’ to the same three-stage treatment, giving them the ultimate peace of mind. As while we’re already there doing the carpets, you’ll be surprised at the offer we can do. Why not ask us for a price to do that for you.

The Welcome New Baby Home Package Key Benefits

Our expert technicians guarantee for your peace of mind …

  • Only our safest child friendly solutions are used, that means no harsh chemicals or nasty residues left behind.
  • A hygienically healthy clean carpet that is safe for your baby to crawl on.
  • To ensure no more nasty little bugs, a deep down thorough cleaning.
  • To help you clean up immediately after those inevitable little stains & spills, our protective shield treatment.

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