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Office cleaners

Psychologically, a cluttered office can often have a negative effect on a workforce. If the exterior feels drab and dreary, then it can mean people feel less motivated and productivity can suffer. Furthermore, the outside of your premises will often be someone’s first impression of your company, so having it look clean is an investment in your company’s image.

This in addition to the fact that improper cleaning can result in increased rates of infection, leading to more employees calling in sick. This is why Complete Clean Management offers office cleaning services around.

Tailored solutions

There are a number of offices out there. Often they will have different cleaning requirements. For example, if you run a phone centre with long hours, then it is likely you will have different people working on the same desks.

This should mean that the equipment should be properly cleaned and the surface area should be spotless. However, it is not just about the aesthetic quality- you only need to look online to see the amount of dirty water that can collect in a professional quality vacuum after a six month deep clean. That dirty water represents potential allergens and infections, so in the long term it is worth doing properly.

We can also look over your washrooms- as well as offering dispensing equipment and soaps, we also provide air management systems and clinical waste removal. If you have an outside garden area, our grounds maintenance team can keep it looking neat and tidy.

The process

The process begins before you contact us. When we bring someone on to our team, we ensure they are properly trained regarding the latest health and safety guidelines. We also look at how people present themselves, as our team is also a reflection on yours, so being positive and professional is a must!

Once you have contacted us we can come to your site and look over your office environment. It then allows us to gauge what type of cleaning is best suited to your particular area and the kind of services that will be most appropriate for that.

Once the site inspection is complete we can then supply you with a free, no-obligation quote, so that you can then decide if you choose to work with us or not. During the cleaning process, we assign a contract manager who visits the site personally. We can also provide optionalfeedback forms that you can pass on to us, so that we can adjust our service as much as possible.

We’re here to help

Complete Clean Management has offered complete cleaning solutions around for a diverse range of businesses, including local business parks, private healthcare and schools. For more information on the services we offer and what we can do for you, please contact us today and we will be happy to go over your cleaning requirements in more detail and find the ideal cleaning solutions to suit you and your business.



Written by Richard Clark

We're a local family run business owned by Richard Clark. If you're looking for clean, brighter and fresh smelling furnishings we guarantee your satisfaction. For expert advice or a free quote please get in touch today. Contact us >>

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