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Trained, Qualified, Trusted.

Welcome to Clarks Carpet Care, taking great pride in delivering the highest standards and quality possible.

Our mission is to keep your property looking and feeling it’s absolute best and therefore it needs to be treated with uncompromising love, respect and care.

The culmination of overall delivery hasn’t been achieved in a single event, but a process.

The first step is the training, when you call on the services of any trades person you’re more than entitled to check upon their training, qualifications, abilities and track record, all of which I’m more than happy to provide to you on request. I set out to provide you with the best service possible so I had to start by learning from the best, all my certifications come from the worlds leading authorities in the industry, including being trained by one of only two companies in the whole of the UK to possess the Royal Warrant crest. But the learning process never stops, it’s a continuously evolving industry, I take every opportunity to learn and attend new training courses, with so much information it’s impossible for any one individual to know absolutely everything so I spend every evening networking online where some of the best and most experienced professionals in the industry will be too, supporting each other by sharing advice and information together combining our collective knowledge and experience, with even the most experienced professionals who have been in this industry for 30 or 40 years.

The second step is the chemistry, your carpets, upholstery and other soft furnishings aren’t necessarily going to be the same as your neighbours, there are many many variables between the different types of fibre, backing and construction, which first needs to be inspected, tested and recognised before starting any treatment, all variations will have different reactions, what’s good for one maybe harmful to another so selecting the correct chemistry for you is vital to getting you the best results.

The third step is the equipment, to carry out every stage of the process for you requires specialist machines and tools designed and built by the industry for the industry, in many cases by professionals who’ve had many years of hands on experience so know and understand what’s needed for the real world applications. You will never see a trained and qualified professional coming to your home to carry out work using off the shelf products, equipment and home remedies you could just purchase from the high street.

So whether you’re a homeowner or a business you can have complete confidence that you’re in safe hands with Clarks Carpet Care.

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